Restaurant review: Bryant Park Grill

There are many reasons to try a restaurant and while the food and service is paramount, sometimes location trumps all.  My dinner in New York City this week at the Bryant Park Grill is one such restaurant where many go predominantly because of the surroundings.  Outside the restaurant are cute shops, beautiful decorations, a very nice (and popular) ice rink as well as the dramatic backdrop of the New York City library.While the food we ordered and the service we received was good.  It was not particularly memorable and the menu in truth is fairly pedestrian; probably trying to appeal to the masses.  However, that did not detract from the overall dining experience and it is a place I would enjoy visiting again.

The Bryant Park Grill menu is divided into several sections including appetizers which range from $10-$17; main dishes that range from $18-$40; and a list of side dishes all $7.  I did not look at the dessert menu but to see those options or to look more closely at the restaurant menu you can link here.My dinner (depicted in the photo above) comprised of sharing the ‘artisanal cheese sampler’ ($16.75) which included a decent blue cheese, cheddar and Crottin Bijou (a soft creamy cheese) garnished with candied walnuts an apple compote and marmalade.  My main plate was steamed Atlantic salmon filet ($27.95).  The potato herb cake atop the salmon added more than the Pinot Noir butter sauce, which I would have thought more flavorful.

Dinner here will pinch you in the wallet and lunch can be a more affordable option if you would like to try The Bryant Park Grill.  The food and service is adequate but can only command the prices it does because of where the restaurant is situated.

Bryant Park Grill in Bryant Park NYC – Reservations are highly recommended Tel: (212) 840-6500

Bryant Park Grill on Urbanspoon


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