Ab Fab on the Kardashians

Have you seen the Ab Fab video about the Kardashians?

Check out this hilarious 30-second clip. It’s fab, dahling.

Edina: “Look there’s a new disease called Kardashians darling…”   

Thanks for the heads up Julian.

4 responses to “Ab Fab on the Kardashians

  1. Fantastic — and would it be too bold to say accurate — video!


  2. Now I know why the Kardasians have become so famous for not being anything but famous. Absolutely fabulous video. Thanks, dahling.


  3. I hope that family is seething at seeing this. They won’t see the truth in humour, but that’s ok, the other 6.9 billion people on earth will.


  4. always glad to help 🙂



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