LGBT bookstores

Queerty’s article, The Last Chapter: A Look At LGBT Bookstores Around the World, got me to thinking about this small and quirky group  that have defied the odds by remaining open, and I’d like to wish all these owners success in 2012 and beyond. I love LGBT bookstores and consider Boston lucky to still have at least one in operation.

Not too long ago most large cities had a collection of LGBT bookstores that catered to the community, but over the years, most of these have closed.  Truth be told, I’m not much of a shopper, but I’ve always enjoyed nosing around a neighborhood bookstore and have visited a few of the places featured in the article.  Check out Queerty’s list and consider stopping by one of these shops.

If you live in Boston or plan to visit, certainly check out Calamus Bookstore in the Leather District near South Station and Chinatown.  If you’re unfamiliar with Boston, the Leather District may be a bit misleading. The neighborhood derives its name from the city’s leather tanneries located here in the 19th & 20th centuries. However, by sheer coincidence, you can buy all sorts of leather apparel at the Marquis de Sade which is just above Calamus bookstore.

More LGBT bookstores listed by city

Atlanta – Outwrite

Boston – Calamus Books

London – Gay’s the word

Paris – Les Mots a la Bouche

Philadelphia – Giovanni’s Room

Vancouver – Little Sisters

Washington DC – Kramerbooks

Share in the comments section of this post the names of any LGBT bookstores not mentioned – include the bookstore’s name, web address and city.  If I get a fair number of stores, I’ll compile a list and republish in the near future.

11 responses to “LGBT bookstores

  1. Common Language Bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI.
    317 Braun Court
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    (734) 663-0036

    We, in fact, have an annual fundraiser called “The Last Bookstore Standing” (though we certainly hope others survive).

    BTW, A Different Light in San Francisco is closed.



  2. A Different Light Bookstore in San Francisco,


  3. Christopher in Chicago

    Unabridged Books in Chicago. How was that left off the list?


  4. Vrolijk in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is the last one left. [] Vrolijk translates to happy, and we all know happy = Gay !


  5. Mark R. Anderson

    Washington DC: I would hardly call Kramerbooks an “LGBT bookstore”, maybe “LGBT friendly”. Our “LGBT bookstore’ (Lambda Rising) closed last year, due to the owner was “tired”, and rather than selling to store, decided CLOSED was better. Maybe we’re just a bit bitter in DC about having our Institution closed!!!! Glad to know there are a FEW die-hard LGBT Bookstore owners out the Keeping the Faith. Thx from DC.


  6. I went to one kind of diagonal from the bpl a loooong time ago.i’ll never forget it! Someone that worked there was very kind to me.


  7. I fear they won’t survive for long. The Amazon effect has already tanked one large bookseller. I don’t see B&N being around much longer either.


  8. Kramers & Afterwords is not really a gay book store as much as it is a book store with lots of gays in a decreasingly gay Dupont Circle. The “hood is now mostly on 14th, Logan Circle, with a few clubs still on 17th.


  9. Although I wish it had more books, in Austin we have Tape Lenders (



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