2012 Boston No Pants Subway Ride

On Sunday, January 8th hundreds of men and women descended upon Dewey Square to partake in the Boston chapter’s Society of Spontaneity’s annual “No Pants Subway Ride”.

This was the 5th annual event in Boston which is also hosted in cities around the world.  The video below is more cheeky than naughty (as we saw from the advertising) it is far less revealing than the billboards and signs you will see if you ride the subway in Boston.

Spontaneous cheers were regularly heard through out the subway from young kids. Parents were horrified to see their children run from them to hug and ask their favorite superheroes why they were in Boston.  And security in the Copley Mall had all they could do to stop people from photographing the two superheroes who were walking to the post party at King’s in Back Bay. 

You can learn more about the Boston Society of Spontaneity here.

7 responses to “2012 Boston No Pants Subway Ride

  1. OMG that’s funny. I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it, but I’m glad you could.


  2. lol… Amazing… It must have been fun.
    Was it for charity?


  3. Will you have a gallery up for any other photos you may have taken?


  4. Brilliant – you nutcases!


  5. F*ckin’ amazing things here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?



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