In a Ptown state of mind

Readers of this blog know that I have a serious love affair with the tiny town at the tip of Cape Cod – otherwise known as Provincetown.

Recently I booked time in Ptown for Sergio and I to  spend both 4th of July and Carnival (which takes place each August).

I know it is still several months until summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but are you making plans to go anywhere special this summer?

Where do you like to get away for long weekends during the summer months?  Fire Island…Russian River… Rehoboth… Ogunquit? I’m curious – do tell.

5 responses to “In a Ptown state of mind

  1. Aaahhhh, Ptown. One of my top spots anywhere! Jealous!


  2. Note to self: do not go to Ogunquit (via Boston) when BosGuy is in P-town these weeks.

    Our plan is another trip to Ogunquit. We enjoyed it a lot last year. But I do like Rehoboth too, but it’s been eons since we’ve been there. One day we’ll return.


  3. Friends and I have rented a house in PT for Carnival week again this summer. And I’ve already started doing stomach crunches!! LOL


  4. it’s all about the OGT for me 🙂


  5. We enjoy the gay rodeo circuit! (Visit to learn more.)



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