Zakim reflections by Greg MacKay


Copyright Greg MacKay

When people think of Boston, they rightfully conjure images of Victorian era bow front brownstones and row houses; modern architecture, while present, is lost amid a mass of brick.  However, when Boston’s expressway was torn down during the Big Dig, the city chose a modern design, and built the world’s widest cable-stayed bridge. The clean lines and modern design has made it irresistible to local photographers like Greg MacKay who recently took this picture.  Like what you see? More of his work is online here.

One response to “Zakim reflections by Greg MacKay

  1. Hi! I LOVE this bridge and I LOVE Boston. My husband is from there and his family lives there. (We live in Texas, near Dallas). For the past two Octobers we have visited Boston, Norwell and Scituate, and I think I photographed every street, door, building and sunrise. Thank you so much for your photographs and your blog!! I am enjoying it!



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