2012 Fenway Men’s Event

This past weekend was one of Boston’s largest GLBT fundraisers of the year.  More than 1,300 gay men, their friends and allies came together to raise money for one of the nation’s largest GLBT healthcare facilities, The Fenway Health Clinic.

This year’s recipient of the Gerry E. Studds Award was Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank.

Below is a quick video I have created from the 2012 Fenway Men’s Event on Saturday night. Thank you very much to all who posed for a photo and my sincere apologies to those who were not included.

3 responses to “2012 Fenway Men’s Event

  1. So sad I missed it this year! Great cause with 1300 men in tuxes…yum! Love your videos they’re great! Thanks BosGuy!


  2. Great video! I’ve been to the women’s event but never the men’s event. Now I have!


  3. Super video! Thanks for the highlights! -SB



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