Sarah Palin criticizes Obama for not being vetted

Sarah Palin was a guest this past Thursday on Fox’s Sean Hannity.  According to reports, America’s most infamous Hockey Mom said of President Obama, and I quote from the article in today’s DailyBeast,  “Our sitting president was not vetted,”  referring to the 2008 election.

Um… my initial thought was too vulgar to write (my Mom and sisters are regular readers of my blog) but after my mental synapses stopped overheating from possible responses (considering the source) I thought, “How could you of all people level that accusation?”

What is she talking about? Was she not following the bruising Democratic Primary that went a heck of a lot longer than the current Republican Presidential Primary has gone? Did she follow the series of debates, which aided in the vetting process? Oh yeah, I forgot, she was busy watching Russia from her house in Alaska and must have missed all that. Oy vey this woman annoys me.

11 responses to “Sarah Palin criticizes Obama for not being vetted

  1. hmm funny, I would have thought releasing his birth certificate would have counted as being “vetted” enough…


  2. Condemning a woman because she has a smile of her face and the wind blowing her hair? What about the pictures of Baracks giving everyone the finger?


  3. What a great photo of Palin! It’s really one of those that says a thousand words, the first two of which being “Oh, dear.” Usually I try to offer serious input when it comes to discussions on politics, but since dear Sarah is more celebrity than politician I decided to make an exception in this case.


  4. Cricketts…..happiness is a warm gun mama.


  5. I suppose you will not post my comment. Lefties do like when the truth comes out about Obama.
    You go through thousands of emails of Sarah Palin and find not one thing that you can hang on her.
    Maher calls her the “c” word and this is ok, no apology.
    You Libs amaze me on a daily basis.


    • Hi Deborah – unless someone uses profane language or crosses the line of civil discourse, I publish all comments. However, I’m not always sitting at my desk waiting for comments to come into my blog to approve. Considering your initial comment was submitted 20 minutes ago a little patience and the benefit of the doubt is appreciated.


  6. Professor Bell supported and glowingly endorsed a man call Khalid Muhammad. Muhammad called for the slaughter of whites, including but I would suppose not limited to, women, children and babies. Al Sharpton donated 1o thousand to Muhammad’s funeral costs when he dies in 2001.
    Yes, everyone who holds public office in this country should be thoroughly vetted.
    Obama says to “open your hearts and minds” to a man who endorses the outright slaughter of white people. If Obama is so smart, don’t you think he would know this about this Professor? But I know Obama is lazy and was doing alot of drugs during this period, so maybe he just didn’t do his homework.


  7. Don’t give her any power by letter her get to you. Like many of her Conservative right wingnuts, she should just be ignored. She only talks because people pay attention. We should just ignore her and she will go away. She has no other worth, except to stir up the pot and keep the divisions in this county festering. We can’t even begin to come together with these people keeping us apart.


  8. who better to know if someone wasn’t vetted than the most non-vetted candidate in history? she might know of what she speaks this time. she IS the first-hand experience.

    (of course i kid……to a degree)


  9. Palin is the ultimate political strip-tease, thrusting and rubbing her self all over a White House column. The dollars rain down and she gives them another sneak peek at what’s under that dress. See just how nasty America’s Top MILF will get for the cash at


  10. Well what she means is that Obama has not turned in an exhaustive report on every last one of his working associates over the years, just in case Americas pseudo-conservatives want to feign shock at the actions and statements of some of them.

    …No mention of connections to right wing extremists and criminals such as G. Gordon Liddy will be unnecessary.



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