Beth and Shelley at Union

Friday night we had an early dinner at Union Bar & Grille.  As we were finishing, an older couple arrived.  Beth was perfectly coiffed and immaculately dressed.  Shelley who was only slightly larger than Beth was quite distinguished and the perfect gentleman.  It was endearing to watch Shelley pull out the chair next to me so Beth could sit down.

Although we were finishing, we ended up chatting first about Beth’s cocktail then the menu and finally about food and restaurants.   Beth dominated the conversation, but Shelley did his best to interject although he often deferred to her for details like where they ate dinner the night before and the market he likes to buy his cheese.

Romance is not just for 20-somethings

From where I was sitting, the two couldn’t be more adorable. They were the storybook image of a happily ever after couple who had built a life together.  However, that wasn’t the case  at all.  They had been dating for more than a decade and enjoyed each other’s company but they did not live together.

Always be open to love and you just might find it

Although they never used the word it was obvious they are sweethearts. I’m not sure what twists in life may have brought them together, but they were / are quite clear about their independence and how Friday is their date night.

I was enthralled and hope to meet them again soon.

One response to “Beth and Shelley at Union

  1. I love stories like this and you’re so lucky to have met them.



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