Proud of my President


6 responses to “Proud of my President

  1. william wallace

    With a stroke of the pen the individuals right to a just trial
    Barack having removed. Any poor unfortunate individual
    that now arrested / can be refused / legal representation
    facing neither a trial or charged of a crime / but simply left
    to rot in a prison cell / n beingdeprived of all human rights.

    Barack has a hearet of stone // devoid of human feelings
    such due to the damage done to the brain through illegal
    drug taking // he the ideal choice for his wealthy backers
    whom own as control the media / in spinning out endless
    lies deceit in bringing america its people unto destruction.

    Many having gave their lives in defending democracy and
    freedom // Barack and his fraudster backers having used
    their wealth power in stripping the people’s of all rights….
    where now the people being treated as mere sheep to be
    fleeced the children treated as but lamb for the slaughter.

    It being time the people opened their eyes / in bringing an
    return unto true freedom true democracy / in removing the
    political fraudsters such as Barack // with their cleaning up
    of political corruption ending the 24/ 7 media brainwashing.


    • With all due sincerity Mr. Wallace you strike me as a quack.


      • william wallace

        BosGuy Blog / I thank you for your kind comment
        most comments toward me can be unrepeatable
        however your nature be compassion in seeking
        enlightenment therefore open to further learning.

        The basic problem humanity as situation of today
        being all ones focus being upon the material thus
        there be humanities lacking of spiritual awarenes.

        The solution is in fact very simple // so simple that
        it being perceieved as impossible or unbelievable.

        Through meditation one be abled turn the senses
        inward / in bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self
        with an very practical spiritual experience in gifting
        one with a clarity of understanding // in answering
        all questions . whom am I ? what be the purpose of
        life ? is there trulya God ? is there truly a heaven ?.

        On PC search put (words of peace) or put (words of
        peace global ). On site a selection of videos in which
        Prem Rawat explains meditation / in its turning ones
        senses within / in ones unfolding of the spiritual self.

        Prem Rawat has dedicated his life in passing such
        knowledge of meditation worldwide unto all nations
        he is as Christ in his day / as the Buddha in his day
        as all the leading spiritual teachers. Prem in being
        the teacher of teachers /thus you get the very best
        in your guidance unto your learning of knowing self.

        Heaven in having never been beyond the clouds it
        that heaven is as always within // it but one turning
        their senses inward // in such a unfolding of reality
        in one knowing God // not believing but in knowing.

        The brain as heart being the gateway to heaven in
        one gives understanding as other gives experience
        such is the design of the human form // such be the
        true purpose of the human form / thus one having a
        gateway to the spiritual yet can abide in the material.

        Humanity having been upon a long journey of coming
        to know the reality of creation // the final stage of such journey is one turning their senses inward / in bringing
        a unfolding of their spiritual self in their enlightenment.


      • stephenisalive

        If someone (OK fine it’s me) was to tell you that nobody and no comment, in this case, is wrong, and that you (all y’all) are actually arguing the toward the exact same political point.

        The idea that Obama has performed well and pulled our heart strings is reasonable.

        The idea that there seems to be powerful forces (economic actually) that leave us looking for a leader to fight for our freedoms and that something is going wrong, is also reasonable.

        I just think that very few people know what that point actually is. Although it is reassuring that people are vocal and willing to (1) stand by a strong leader (2) insist there is something wrong, but be unable to coherently express what it is, exactly. (yes I mean you Mr. Wallace 🙂 )

        Check out my article called: “What the hell is going on with the global financial economic system.”

        No actually don’t bother. I don’t want to be “that guy” who seems to be promoting his own crap.

        Carry on.


  2. Now coems the time to work three times as hard to get him re-elected!

    Bravo Mr President.



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