South End restaurant update

BostonThe former home of Pho Republique and more recently The Bombay Club  will soon be opening as BoMa (presumably short for Boston, MA?) The owner, Shane Manfred, also owns and operates two Italian restaurants in Boston’s suburbs, Bellino’s in Wakefield and Bistro 20 in Sudbury. Look for a July opening.

Union Bar and Grille recently rolled out their spring menu, but rumor has it that the menu will change again over the next week.  Look for some lighter fare with a pleasing price point.

The space formerly home to Joe V’s has been under construction for so long Yakitori Zai is fast becoming known as the new restaurant that never opened. Recently I was able to speak to the owner and he acknowledged he was disappointed they missed their planned opening for earlier this month but said they will be opening “very soon”.

El Centro’s request for a seasonal patio that can accommodate up to 14 people was approved on May 10th.  Have you stopped by to enjoy dining al fresco on the new patio?

Brian Piccini (owner of Deuxave in Back Bay and dbar in Dorchester) is moving forward with plans to open a new steak house named Boston Chops in the space formerly occupied by banq and Ginger Park on Washington Street (shown above).  However, Piccini still lacks a liquor license and the project will remain sidelined until one can be secured.

4 responses to “South End restaurant update

  1. wickedgayblog

    I just wanted to thank you again for the restaurant recommendations. We ended up at Smith and Wollensky at Atlantic Wharf and has an amazing meal. Mistral is next to try, always have wanted to eat there. Thank you!


    P.S. Got stuck in major traffic getting there as they closed the roads down for Chloe and Kim Kardashian….can you imagine!


  2. As a fellow business owner on Washington Street, I am thrilled that some new business are going to occupy these vacant storefronts. I am however disappointed that the town makes it so difficult to secure a liquor license. Without one restaurants cannot be competitive. Boston should be ashamed at how “Anti-Commerce” it is. Small business are the way emerging neighborhoods can reach critical mass. We need a variety of business to occupy these vacant storefronts including restaurants, retail and services, so people will be attracted to come here and spend money. We Do Not need another bank nor real estate office. Simple equation.


  3. Thanks for the restaurant updates but the photo accompanying the post shows none of the locations you mentioned. It is the Penny Savings Bank (which is in the block between Pho Republique and Union Bar and Grille). Nice photo though.



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