Check out these Boston theater performances

SpeakEasy Stage, Lyric Stage, Huntington TheaterHere are a few worthwhile theater performances from some of Boston’s local theater companies. Support your community’s local theater scene and plan an evening with friends to see a show.  Select the links below to learn more about each performance and to purchase tickets.

Support Boston’s Local Theater Companies

Xanadu – SpeakEasy Stage Co. – This  fun performance elevates “camp” and will leave you humming familiar Olivia Newton John songs from the early 80s all the while laughing heartily with friends.  In my opinion its the surprise show of the summer, which I give “two glow sticks up.”  See the show and you’ll understand my reference. Xanadu closes on June 9th.

Private Lives – Huntington Theater Co – Can you imagine bumping into your former spouse while away on your second honeymoon? Neither can I but that’s the premise of this hilarious production which will run through June 24th

Avenue Q – Lyric Stage Co. of Boston – Have you never seen this popular Broadway musical, best described as Seasame Street for adults?  This show has fantastically funny songs like The Internet is for Porn, and will leave you laughing out loud. Due to demand, this show has been extended and will run through July 1st.


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