Big Daddy’s in Provincetown

provincetown-cheap-eatsProvincetown is an expensive place and it can seem like you are opening your wallet every five minutes.

However, there are a lot of great places to grab an affordable meal. One of my favorite places to visit is Big Daddy’s Burritos at 205 Commercial Street in the Aquarium Marketplace.  Big Daddy’s serves up delicious take out that is ready in minutes.  When I visit Provincetown I grab more than a few meals here.  After you pick up your take-out, bring your food out to the Aqua Bar where you may order a cocktail and eat overlooking Ptown Harbor.

Below is a photo of the “Catch of the Day” burrito in a bowl ($8.50).  The portions are plentiful enough and the lime-cilantro yogurt sauce with the cucumber salsa makes this one of the best deals in town. Its even better accompanied by a cold beer at the Aqua bar.


The view from the Aqua Bar is free of charge and never gets old. Ptown

Big Daddy's Burritos on Urbanspoon

2 responses to “Big Daddy’s in Provincetown

  1. Sounds like a great place, and its always nice to have “cheap eats”!


  2. First of all, I am so jealous you are back in Ptown. I love, love, love it there and miss it already!

    And yes I agree, Big Daddy’s is yummy and easy on the wallet!



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