AIDS in the United States

AIDS infection rates in US

AIDSVu at Emory University has released an interactive map illustrating the prevalence of HIV in the U.S. The AIDSvu map shows the U.S. still has a significant problem with HIV and AIDS.  If you visit their website you may analyze the data by race, age and gender. The deeper shades of red indicate more HIV cases.

~50% newly diagnosed AIDS cases in U.S. are in the South

Eight of the ten U.S. states with the highest rates of new HIV infection are located in the Southeast. High rates of poverty factor in as well, as does the region’s low ranking on many basic health measures.

AIDSVu has pulled together a quick video which reminds us that AIDS still ravages communities and education and prevention remain our most powerful tools to combat HIV and AIDS.

One response to “AIDS in the United States

  1. How come there’s nothing in Dakota? Is there no data?
    240000 people are so many…



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