Ripped Bri

This personal trainer who has a bunch of “How To” fitness videos is addicting to watch.  Could it be the fact he’s in amazing shape? Could it be the skin tight lycra shorts and nothing else he’s wearing? Could it be because you are looking for new routines to enhance your work out? I won’t lie – one of those reasons has nothing to do with the appeal.

Check out “Ripped Bri” in his Butt Kick-Ups and Squat Techniques videos.  I think you’ll see how appealing these educational videos can be.

4 responses to “Ripped Bri

  1. Its quite captivating.


  2. ugly shoes…


  3. While nothing beats a great looking arse on a man, be careful with the “ass to the grass” routine. It puts tremendous strain on your knees!


  4. Wow! Those are the tightest shorts ever! I prefer the scenery in the first clip the best..



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