Broadway or Bust

PBS Broadway or BustPBS will premiere a three part series that will air during prime time called Broadway or BustThe show starts on Sunday, September 9th at 8PM ET.  The show features the “real life” stories of some of America’s best high school musical performers, competing.  According to the PBS site the series is described as follows.

Part competition, part performance, and part non-fiction drama…where judges select the best performers in the country. The 60 finalists then descend on Broadway, where they plunge into the eye of the theatrical storm for one intense week of rehearsals, coaching, mentoring, performance and competition.

For all you theater queens, I’ve included a quick promo video. Start programming your cable /TiVo now.


One response to “Broadway or Bust

  1. Thanks for the tip; I hadn’t heard about the show.
    Sounds great, but I already feel sad for the kids who get cut.



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