Head of the Charles Regatta

HOCRThis weekend The Charles River, which divides Boston from Cambridge will host the 48th Head of the Charles (the largest regatta in the world).

The sporting event attracts 9,000+ athletes from all over the world, competing in more than 50 races over two days; 300,000 spectators are expected to descend upon Boston / Cambridge (many of them college students proudly and somewhat drunkenly cheering on their school).

RegattaRegatta is Saturday & Sunday from 8AM – 5PM

This event is uniquely Boston’s (and Cambridge’s too).  Like the Boston marathon, its an athletic event that falls far outside the purview of mainstream sports, but is a tradition many here support and enjoy.  If you are new to Boston or rediscovering the city, I would encourage you to come down and watch the Regatta. Harvard Square pubs and streets are overflowing with people and the city is abuzz with rowers who have come from all over to compete so leave your cars at home and use public transportation or bike to get close to the river.

2 responses to “Head of the Charles Regatta

  1. Nothing like watching fit, athletic, and good-looking guys in lycra strut their stuff! 😉


  2. Um, not to mention it’s the stud-watching event of the year!!! I lived in Harvard Sq for years, never missed a regatta, SO much spandex



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