Santa Speedo Run

Boston Santa Speedo RunThis past Saturday was Boston’s annual Santa Speedo Run. Despite the rain forecast and the steady drizzle Saturday morning, more than 700 men and women braved the elements and ran through Back Bay in little more than a speedo and sneakers.

Every year the Boston LGBT community shows up but this year’s run resembled a Pride event.  From the “pre-partying” at homes in Back Bay to the impromptu dance party on Boylston that broke out as runners congregated after the run – the city on Saturday afternoon had a Pride-esque feeling that warmed my heart even if I couldn’t quite feel my toes by the time I left the Back Bay.

Below is my annual video paying tribute to those who ran – enjoy.

Liked the video? Here is the 2011 video and 2010 video from the Boston Santa Speedo Run.

4 responses to “Santa Speedo Run

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Loved this post – I gave it a repost on my Blog as I recently ran a Santa 5K here in the UK. Not as sexy as the Boston one but there were some army boys participating


  2. Sexy guys! I only wish I could have been there in person to see all the jiggling close up.



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