My crazy partner

Year in rewind: BosGuy’s favorite posts from 2012

This was one of those “gotcha” moments. Sergio totally surprised me with this quick video message that he sent me in June.


Work brought me into New York City for a couple of days.  My lunatic boyfriend emailed me this video of himself to make me laugh and remember to call.  I thought I’d upload it to YouTube so everyone could see my crazy partner; and by the way  I called him – definitely.

The Harvard Baseball team video that inspired his cute message

3 responses to “My crazy partner

  1. Honestly, you two are one of the best couples of Boston, bar none. I truly hope to see you both again someday soon!


  2. He’s kind of like Chinese soup… sweet AND hot. 😉


  3. “Lunatic??” He’s a keeper, Baby!

    I hope to have some man as sweet as Sergio in my life some day!

    Happy New Year to you both!



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