“I do” support marriage equality

Year in rewind: BosGuy’s favorite posts from 2012

After reading about The Seattle Times editorial team “I do” campaign to show your support for the marriage initiative on Washington State’s ballot, I asked people to be photographed with the “I do #74”.  Thanks to my sister in particular who sent photos of many neighbors and friends I collected nearly 90 images through September, October and the first week of November.


I do campaignShow your support for Referendum 74 in Washington State

Yesterday I wrote about The Seattle Times editorial team’s “I do” Campaign.  Washington State has a ballot initiative asking its residents to support same sex marriage.  To show their support, The Seattle Times has taken the unprecedented step to create a social media campaign supporting the ballot initiative.

I may not live in Washington State, but I wanted to show my support and hope you will too. If you email me your photos holding this sign I’ll publish your photo.

The sign and directions on submitting your photo to The Seattle Times is also included in this link. Be sure to send me your name(s) and where you live (city / state and if you don’t live in the US  include city / country).

Email your photos to BosGuymail@gmail.com.


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