What color underwear would you wear

New Years Eve UnderwearAccording to tradition, the color underwear you choose to wear tonight signifies the change you want in 2013. For those who like the status quo, I suggest going commando.

9 responses to “What color underwear would you wear

  1. I’m wearing brown. Guess it’ll be another shitty year….


  2. Color Me Red, Baby! 😉


  3. I like red everything…. cars and t-shirts as well as underwear.

    I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


  4. Right now I’m commando. I’ll probably wear black tie tonight so that’ll mean black boxers.


  5. If I want prosperity, I’m afraid everyone will think I want them to pee on me!
    I’ll go white since if I have those three then I’ll have everything.

    Keith: You do – black. Black is all the colors combined and white is actually the lack of all color, scientifically speaking.

    Happy and Healthy New Year Rob and Sergio!
    Sean, Truvy and Tramp


  6. I’m currently wearing boxers that are a green, pink, blue, and white plaid. I think I’ve got all my bases covered.


  7. I only where white underwear, but I’m totally fine with “happiness, peace and joy”.


  8. I must have a jock strap which has all those colours on somewhere – that way I’d get all the luck!


  9. I never heard of this, but darn my color choice is either black or great.



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