MBTA contemplates extending hours

MBTABostInno is reporting that the MBTA may be looking into extending service until 2:00am.  Late night transit service in Boston is a perennial topic that usually results in more talk than action, although it isn’t without precedent. I recall the “Night Owl” service where buses served specific train routes until 2:30am for a premium fare. However, that program was eventually axed in 2005 due to budget cuts.

Could this be more than just lip service from the Governor and others who seem to be in favor of extending the transit service? I’d like to think so. In addition to the many who find themselves stranded after a night out of drinking, I like to point out that working 9am to 5pm is now a thing of the past and thousands of residents work hours early into the morning when public transportation would be a welcome service. You may read more about this on BostInno’s website here.

3 responses to “MBTA contemplates extending hours

  1. considering the constant budgetary woes of the MBTA as well as the maintenance problems that continually plague it (example: this morning’s fire at Arlington Station) – I think the T would be better served trying to improve the service currently offer and improve its financial situation first


  2. If they do it the service should run to 3am so people can enjoy the full night out.


  3. Oh why couldn’t they have done this when I was in my 20’s and the bar scene was still so popular?? *sob*



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