Boston Chops in the South End

Boston Chops South EndRecently I chatted with the people over at Boston Chops.  Rumors of their opening still remain unconfirmed, but waitstaff has already started training so hopefully the wait is nearly over.  When the doors open, Boston Chops hours will be 4pm to 1am; serving dinner from 5pm to midnight – daily.  Boston Chops will also be open for  brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm, but I was told brunch will not be available immediately.

The menu is either not finished or when I spoke to them they wanted to keep the information private. I was told the menu focuses on allowing patrons options not often associate with steak houses. For example, you will be allowed to choose your cut of steak for their signature steak frites and you will be served unlimited fries.  While that sounds delicious, when I asked about prices I was told Boston Chops is an “urban steak bistro” with approachable prices. Huh? I have absolutely no idea what that means.  However, if Chef Coombs restaurant Deuxave in the Back Bay is any indication, main plates could range from  $31 to $39; let’s hope Coombs opts for a more affordable price point here in the South End so I can visit more often.

Patrons of the previous restaurants in this space will remember a very dramatic interior.  Boston Chops brings a completely different look and feel to the space, using dark woods, burgundy tones and heavy unfinished steel. The 30-seat bar and a large lighting fixture designed to look like chandeliers from Burgundy France will provide a sophisticated vibe.  Construction was still on-going when I wrote this post earlier in the week, but I have faith it will look beautiful and will be a fantastic (and welcome) addition to the neighborhood.

You can stay up to date on the latest information about Boston Chops by liking their Facebook page here.

2 responses to “Boston Chops in the South End

  1. Another reason for me to pop over to the South End for dinner with my favorite BosGuy!


  2. Looking forward to the opening… Hoping it is ‘reasonably’ priced so that one can visit often… But there is always Gaslight down the street with steak frites for $23. A steal of a deal!



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