Boston Chops menu will tempt meat lovahs

Boston Chops South EndBoston Chops opened yesterday in Boston’s South End neighborhood, and it’s opening may be the best evidence the recession is behind us.  Owners, Brian Piccini and Executive Chef, Chris Coombs, are betting they can lure clientele from the neighborhood and beyond to keep this space busy beyond the opening week buzz.  With a price point that averages between $30 – $39 for most main dishes, this also marks a departure from recent restaurant openings that had lower price points, but then again the menu prices are consistent with the city’s other steak houses even if they are higher than neighboring restaurants.

Since so much has been written about the restaurant already, I thought I would focus on their menu which centers around their signature plate, Steak Frites. At Boston Chops you may select the cut of meat you would like and you may enjoy  as many frites you may consume. The cuts available make this signature plate range from $24 for the flat iron cut to $39 for the filet.

Starters – with items like sushi grade fluke ceviche for $11, Caesar salad for $9 and mussels for $14 there is a little of something for everyone.

Rarely Celebrated – this section of the menu concentrates on parts to the cow not usually served in steak houses, like bone marrow for $9.

Entrees / Ocean & Other – these two sections combine to provide patrons with a wide range of meals including cuts of beef, seafood, chicken and pasta plates.  Prices range from $19 – $39.

Sides – like many steakhouses there is plenty to tempt you, but what caught my eye was the poutine style twice baked loaded potato for $12; definitely not a low-fat option but one I know I’ll be trying.

Look for pictures of these tempting items and a restaurant review in the weeks that follow.  Should you have a chance to stop by Boston Chops, let me know your thoughts about the new restaurant.  My congratulations and best of luck to the owners and staff.

Boston Chops (617) 227-5011 / 1375 Washington Street in the South End

One response to “Boston Chops menu will tempt meat lovahs

  1. When are we going? I am dying to try it.



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