Fenway Health Men’s Event

Fenway Men's EventThe Fenway Health Clinic hosted their annual Men’s Event this weekend in Boston.  The event, which raised more than a half million dollars, draws more than 1,300 gay men and their allies.  This year Marc Solomon was recognized with the Congressman Gerry E. Studds award.

Marc is currently the national campaign director for Freedom to Marry but is best known here in Massachusetts for serving as executive director for Mass Equality.

The sold out evening was a success for The Fenway Health Clinic, which will now focus on the upcoming Women’s Dinner Party next month.  If you missed this year’s Men’s Event but would like to make a donation, link here.

As usual, I’ve created a video based on the photos taken by Sergio.  Apologies in advance but it seems YouTube won’t allow this to be viewed on phones 😦

5 responses to “Fenway Health Men’s Event

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  2. Where was Doug’s pic? 🙂 Sorry I missed it – great coverage Rob! L


  3. Thank you to you and Sergio for your support! Nice seeing you there.


  4. I just wanted to say that you both look so incredibly handsome in this photo! (IN person as well, but this photo is like WOW!) SO HANDSOME!!! xoxo Dave



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