Francesca’s Cafe South End

Francescas cafeThe ownership of the building that houses Francesca’s Cafe in the South End quietly changed hands at the end of 2012 in what is rumored to have been a cash deal.  The new owner is South End resident, Fredmond Kiley the 4th.

 Are the days numbered for Francesca’s Cafe in the South End?

The building was bought with Francesca’s lease intact, but it is unclear how many more years remain on that lease and the reason that is of interest is because rumor has it the new landlord would prefer a high end restaurant and cafe. Who can say if Francesca’s would be forced out when their existing lease expires but if that comes to pass it is unlikely the popular cafe would be able to find another home in the neighborhood it has served for nearly 20 years. 

What are your thoughts? Would you miss Francesca’s or would you prefer to see something else go into this prime location in the neighborhood?

7 responses to “Francesca’s Cafe South End

  1. OMG I JUST heard now on Facebook it’s closing today!!??


  2. SAVE FRANCESCA’S!!! I practically gay-grew-up there!!! My very first day exploring the South End included a cup of joe from F’s. Enough with the high-end eateries already; it’s all just gonna collapse eventually. We need places that help foster community, like F’s.


  3. Having another high end restaurant in the South End, let alone Boston, is ridiculous. We need places like this to visit regularly and often as oppose to less often for those high end places.


  4. It would be sad if they left it’s a great spot , we have enough high end places to eat


  5. at some point folks should realize Boston is not big enough to support all these “high end” restaurants, especially as the quality in the suburbs continues to grow.


  6. Oh I think we need another bank to further kill the life on Tremont St. Really – I love F just as it is! It is great breakfast, brunch, and lunch place. I love sitting on the stools watching the world [and their dogs] go by. Leave it alone!!!


  7. It would be sad to see them close – always reminded me of the cafe on Friends.



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