Obama speaks out for gun control (again)

Gun controlI was going to write an emphatic and emotionally charged post in response to President Obama’s speech about gun control but in the middle of my rant I thought “What is the point?”  With more than 90% of Americans wanting background checks for people who purchase fire arms – it is tough to understand why US Senate Republicans have said they will filibuster and prevent a vote to take place.  The really sad part of this story is that even if these Senators did allow a vote to take place, I don’t actually believe the US Senate (let alone the US Congress) would pass the legislation – to say I’m depressed is an understatement.

President Obama gave an impassioned speech today in Connecticut in favor of passing legislation that would mandate background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun.  If you care about these things, watch the video below. 

One response to “Obama speaks out for gun control (again)

  1. Saw most of the speech this afternoon. It’s Obama at his very best.



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