Summer diets

Summer dietingThe winter is thankfully a thing of the past and I’ve started obsessing about the beach. The idea of walking around without a shirt is all the incentive I need to do a little extra to try and get into shape.  I’ve already started what I refer to as my June diet which consists of cutting out all meat.  In years past this has helped me drop from what I call my ‘winter weight’ that fluctuates anywhere from 190 – 195 lbs to 185 – 190 lbs.  As I get older it is harder to build muscle but thanks to a great trainer, I’m hoping I’ll be less self conscious walking around this summer.

Do you do anything to try and squeeze off a few extra pounds or bulk up?  I can’t be the only one who goes a bit crazy.

7 responses to “Summer diets

  1. I am hard at work to ear more thoughtfully, especially snacks, which are the worst diet-buster. This week I gave up booze.


  2. I find giving up twinks and focusing on beefy meat helps. Also, trading everyday alcohol abuse for binge drinking can also help slim the waistline during the summer months.


  3. You’re not the only one. I’m not giving up a thing, but moderating and doing more weights, sit-ups and yoga. I’ll never have THAT body, but it’s better than it was. I’m no longe “ashamed” to take off my shirt at the beach.


  4. I gave up dairy and everything with gluten and ive never had anytrouble.


  5. I give up all dairy. Seem to be able to drop 5lbs just with that. But an Italian giving up Alfredo this and Parmesan that isn’t easy. Also, my love affair with craft beer becomes an unrequited love from March to May.


  6. wickedgayblog

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! I will never have the frame to be skinny or with super abs as am I thick and tall guy BUT I know what I need to be to feel comfortable half naked and I ain’t there yet. I hit 215 over the winter, now at 205 and goal is 195 by mid July. I look good at 195, any less on my frame and I look strange. Keep up the good work, I have seen you shirtless and you inspire me! In Pride, Dave



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