Summer diets II

summer dietEarlier this month I wrote a post entitled, Summer diets.  My month of “no meat” continues without issue, and I’ve been successful in dropping a few pounds. However, I have to admit I’ve made a few late night decisions that resemble the above photo.

How are you doing? Are you working out or modifying your diet? I’m pretty public about my desire to get into better physical condition and appreciate everyone who has reached out to share their struggles and accomplishments.

Let me know how you are doing.

3 responses to “Summer diets II

  1. Are you eating fish? What other sources of protein are part of your diet? For me, I’d give up junk food, soda, white bread, cakes, cookies, and alcohol to drop the pounds. And get moving. Walk as much as possible. Don’t use the elevator. Don’t drive, if you can get there on foot or public transportation.


  2. I found that by making myself get ready for bed (ie brush, floss, mouthwash, etc) early prevents me from continuing to snack. The fact that I dread having to redo all of that overrides me wanting one more dessert later on in the evening. Just make sure you’ve had enough protein beforehand so your body has something to digest at night. One trick I read in a magazine is to have any sweet desserts earlier in the day but before bed have two hardboiled eggs or a high-protein item. Just be sure you count those calories 🙂


  3. Ugh. Last night, I “needed” pizza. We don’t have delivery here in the countryside, so I drove to 3 places on my quest. The first told me there was an hour and a half wait for pizza. The second, about an hour. The third was a pizza truck on our local town square that has a wood-fired oven on board. He had no waiting due to the chilly weather. I got my fix. But I should have given up because now I’ve eaten the pizza (an “extra” meal, not planned) and all its glorious calories.



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