Summer fashion faux pas

Friends don’t let friends wear socks with sandals.

4 responses to “Summer fashion faux pas

  1. This happens way too much in Boston unfortunately. I saw it today on the train and nearly gagged! I felt morally obligated to say something, I should have because it totally took away from the fact that he was a good-looking older guy.


  2. Yeah, yeah but for me you can’t beat cargo shorts for all the storage space you get.


  3. Re the shots issue – I am with Truth on that one – raise the hem line I say.

    As for socks with sandals – even living in Florida for two years – i HARDLY ever saw them – even on the old Jews – but they are WRONG WRONG WRONG at any age….


  4. Well – yeah that’s true. Me though – I’m a little pissed that shorts are now below the knee for men. I can recall the time when a mid thigh or higher was ok for guys.



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