Dining at Ten Tables Provincetown

Provincetown DiningThis past weekend we joined a few friends for a relaxing dinner at Ten Tables in Provincetown. While I routinely review restaurants, today’s post is not about our food (although I will say I enjoyed my meal). Today’s post is about the company who joined us for dinner at Ten Tables: Slobodan in the dark polo shirt, followed by Frédéric and his fiance, Olivier, both in white. Frédéric and Olivier are originally from France, Slobodan is Serbian, and Sergio is Brazilian; making me the token American.

Ten Tables ProvincetownDinner provided us the perfect opportunity to spend a couple of hours together talking about life, work, Provincetown, etc… Although I’ve spent time 1:1 with everyone and consider them friends, the five of us have never shared a meal together.  There is something really fantastic about spending a couple of hours over a meal with such an interesting group of men.

At one point in the evening, I stepped back, watching my partner and friends interacting, and made a note that Sergio and I need to do this more often.

P.S.Can you tell that facial hair is quite “in” at the moment? 

P.P.S. Can you tell that I hadn’t shaved in 4 days? I suppose I’ll just have to wait for the preppy look to come back again.

5 responses to “Dining at Ten Tables Provincetown

  1. So the “token American” has the thinnest beard yet, ironically, the thickest accent. Ha!


  2. I was thinking the same thing, “Where’s your beard?” Looks like you had fun evening.


  3. I too had an enjoyable dinner there last weekend with friends visiting from palm beach where the preppie look is always IN.


  4. HA! Slobodan is my neighbor. Really nice guy. 🙂



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