Guerrilla Queer Bar take over tonight

TWCLooking to head out but want to try someplace different? Today is the first Friday of the month which means TWC’s Guerrilla Queer Bar is taking over a traditionally ‘straight’ bar.   Sound like fun? You betcha… This month join the fun and check out ARC Nightclub & Lounge (formerly An Tua Nua) located at 835 Beacon Street, in the Fenway. The fun starts at 9PM.

3 responses to “Guerrilla Queer Bar take over tonight

  1. I don’t know about in Boston, but in other cities they are very well organized events – so no one is taking over anything. Management is all aware, staffing is added, many bars segregate us into other rooms and yet we still give the straight establishment our money. If they’re going to separate us into gay and non-gay rooms, fuck it – I’d rather give my money to a gay bar.

    If it is truly a guerrilla event, I’d be for it. But I don’t think they normally are.


    • They tell the bars ahead of time so they will be appropriately staffed. But they don’t segregate the group at all. Seeing ppl trying to figure out what is going on can be funny.



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