Pampering in Ptown

Miro MassageAre you heading to Provincetown in the coming weeks?  Are you looking for a bit of pampering?  My buddy Miro who I wrote about last year in this post and earlier this summer in this post, works as a massage therapist. He can make house calls or you can schedule an appointment at his studio in the East End.  I consider Miro a friend and wanted to give him a shout out to let  people know about his massage services.

Schedule an appointment by texting: (617) 519-5189

Miro describes his style as a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sport massage.  My partner Sergio is a fan and has been getting massages from Miro for the past few years when we visit Ptown. I confess I’ve never had a massage, but I can tell you that Sergio always returns relaxed and feeling great.  Miro’s rates are competitive at $90 for one hour or $130 for 90 minutes.

Want to schedule a bit of pampering while in Ptown? Check out my buddy Miro.  You can contact Miro by phone to learn more about his services or to set up an appointment by texting, (617) 519-5189.

2 responses to “Pampering in Ptown

  1. Have seen Miro for the past few summers at Pepe’s. This summer I got to speak to him and really liked him as more than a very pretty face. 3 people from our house went to him for massage over 2 days. Was very good. Very sweet guy indeed.


  2. Miro is offering a good price for his messages.



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