NYC in the summah

Weekend in NYCI’m in New York City this evening for a day of meetings that start tomorrow. I love visiting NYC in the middle of the week during the summer.

The city that never sleeps seems to slow down a bit in the summer months, provided you stay away from the tourist traps.  I won’t have much free time on this trip but hope to get over to Hell’s Kitchen tonight for a bite to eat.  Anyone want to suggest where I should go? I was thinking of checking out Boxers on 9th Ave.

2 responses to “NYC in the summah

  1. I always leave via uws so I can fill up at Zabar’s


  2. welcome back…
    There is a really cool place…not far from Hell’s Kitchen…that doesn’t have a street sign…and, unless you know it’s there you’d never find it. It’s “Bar Centrale”…324 W46th….btwn 8&9…above “Joe Allen’s”…go up the stairs to the left of “Joe Allen’s”



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