He actually said that: Justice Antonin Scalia

Scalia discusses the devil

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is often characterized as an intellectual giant, but as you may expect, I disagree. Justice Scalia has made a career out of saying the outrageous and then hiding behind his claims that his faith as a practicing Roman Catholic shapes his views.  So when New York Magazine’s interview of Justice Scalia from this past September was printed last week nobody made a big deal about his cuckoo comments suggesting that the Devil is getting “wilier” (his words) at hiding from us and why he’s not seen as often.

This ‘intellectual giant’ of the Conservative movement sounds terribly similar to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and others.

You may read the full interview from NY Magazine, here.


3 responses to “He actually said that: Justice Antonin Scalia

  1. He needs to step down.


  2. Please allow me to quote everything Jesus is recorded in the New Testiment of the Christian Bible about the devil:

    ” ”

    Since I am quotation mode lets see what Jesus says about homosexuality:

    ” ”

    Enough said.



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