Paris to host 2018 Gay Games

Paris Gay GamesEarlier this month it was announced that Paris had beat out a handful of other cities to host the 2018 Gay Games.  I’ve never attended the Gay Games, but I love Paris and will use any excuse to write about this city.

No slight intended but this seems like a much cooler host city than the upcoming Gay Games to be hosted in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio the summer of 2014.

2 responses to “Paris to host 2018 Gay Games

  1. This begs the question–what makes a location “cool”? One measure of “cool” is to find a hidden treasure, or to be the trailblazer. If you ever visited Cleveland, you’d find that it is filled with amazing cultural sites, parks, neighborhoods and, generally, fun yet inexpensive locations. People are continually shocked that the sitcom references to Cleveland as a wasteland don’t match reality (surprise, surprise) of all Cleveland has to offer a visitor. So, while I love Paris and have been there often, Paris is a known quantity and thus probably doesn’t qualify for the adjective “cool”, whereas Cleveland is not an obvious choice, and thus is the cooler choice for those cool enough to explore the unknown and take the lead on their travel decisions.


    • Fair enough, but if given the choice to play the gay games in Cleveland or Paris, I know precisely which city I would choose and as for which site is a cooler location, Paris still wins that by a landslide.



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