Restaurant review: Hendriks NYC

Hendriks Murray HillHendriks is in Murray Hill on the corner of 3rd Ave and 37th Street in New York City.  The restaurant opened earlier this summer and can seat 60+ patrons on the dining room floor and another 15+ at the bar.  Large windows and white washed walls and ceilings provide an open and airy feeling to this comfy neighborhood restaurant that is open for brunch, lunch and dinner.

The menu is comprised of classic American fare sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.  One-third of Hendriks’ dinner menu is dedicated to appetizers that range from $6-$12. The menu also includes salads, a few pastas and main plates which mostly range from $15 – $25.  The waitstaff all seemed genuinely friendly and service was both prompt and helpful, answering my questions confidently and making suggestions.   The beer and wine menu is just what one would expect from an upscale neighborhood restaurant in terms of price range and options.

HendriksI couldn’t decide which appetizer to order so I opted to try both (I told myself this is for research purposes).  The Soppresatta for $6 was a steal. It was so delicious I’d come back for this as a snack regularly if I lived closer.  I rolled up each slice of dried salami with the thinly sliced Parmesan cheese, drizzled with honey, and chewy, sweet figs.  Combined it tasted like a slice of heaven and I greedily ate every last bite. The second option, Chick Pea Fritters – also $6 – proved to be satisfying, but I couldn’t stop obsessing over my first plate and really only ate the fritters because they accompanied my ale so nicely.

Hendriks BurgerWhenever I go to a restaurant for the first time, I temper what I want with what I see on a menu.  In this case, I really was craving pasta, but with just 3 plates on their menu and 10 plates focused on fish and meat, I thought it better to follow the menu’s lead. Because I’d already committed to a good Octoberfest brew, I opted for the Black Angus Burger ($16).  The thick burger was served with the aged cheddar still melting on it.  It also came with a heaping glob of smoked onion jam and had pickles and lettuce on the side.  Lest I forget, the thinly cut french fries came out hot and salty and sprinkled with sage and Parmesan cheese.   I wish I could share the smell emanating from my plate, because I’m fairly certain you’d immediately salivate. I know I did.

I’d certainly recommend Hendriks if you’re near Murray Hill in Manhattan.  Let me know if you try Hendriks and tell me what you thought of your meal.

Hendriks  –  557 Third Avenue & 37th Street  –  (212) 686-8080

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One response to “Restaurant review: Hendriks NYC

  1. Sounds great. Only 3 blocks from the Hampton Jitney stop that will take you out to the East End and Montauk. You can also do the Jitney RT to Boston. Reading this has made me hungry. so its off to Hamburger Heaven…



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