Restaurant review: PICCO

picco bostonPICCO is an acronym of sort that stands for Pizza and Ice Cream Co. This affordable South End restaurant serves up delicious pizzas, home made ice creams (flavors change daily) as well as a host of other pastas, sandwiches and salads that are all affordably priced.

In their initial review, The Boston Globe referred to PICCO as, “A destination pizzeria disguised as a neighborhood joint, Picco tempts even the most persnickety foodies with delicate brick-oven crusts and top-drawer toppings…” Although that review is several years old, PICCO’s food remains consistent. While service fluctuates depending on the night and staff, their menu and price point make it one of the better casual dining options in the South End.

South End Dining

Neapolitan pizza chopped tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil $20.00

The Neapolitan pizza shown above remains one of my favorites at PICCO.  Served slightly crispy with the mozzarella still bubbling, it takes a bit of restraint not to pick up a slice right away.  The pizza smells of slightly burnt crust and basil when it is first served and is large enough to share with another.

PICCO Boston Ice Cream

Small ice cream sundae $5.00

What would a visit to PICCO be without sampling some of their ice cream?  We shared a small ice cream sundae opting for the vanilla, pistachio & brownie ice cream with oodles of hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

PICCO is located is at 513 Tremont Street, Boston in the South End. They open at 11:00 am daily.

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One response to “Restaurant review: PICCO

  1. I refuse to go to Picco. I have never had good service there. I love the food, but if you expect to get basic menu items served up in under an hour, go somewhere else.



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