Play me I’m yours

Starting in late September 75 pianos were placed around Boston to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Celebrity Series of Boston. Today The Boston Globe posted this time-lapsed video that shows some of those pianos. Makes me miss having those pianos around.

3 responses to “Play me I’m yours

  1. We have 75 installed around Palm Beach County as of last week. There is one in downtown Lake Worth and one at the Gardens Mall. Anyone can sit and play and the designs vary..


  2. I have been able to only tickle the ivories so to speak at about 58-59 of those installed.

    The Celebrity Series of Boston gave a single token piano to the Boston neighborhoods of East Boston and Charlestown – yet Cambridge has many more installations. – and they under represented Dorchester and Roxbury with a one or none approach.

    An excellent attempt to spend away a grant rather than give it back and risk future funding opportunities for the organization. Sadly most NGO grants simply in the paperwork do not hold feet to the fire and the organization can just blow through the money.

    Would it not be better to bring music (vocal and instrumental) instruction into many schools or booster it where it has hung on? What about sponsoring field trips for Pre K-12 to musical cultural events (suck as last weekend’s BSO Saturday morning program using cartoons to showcase classical music)?



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