John F. Kennedy

John KennedyFifty years ago today in Dallas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The Kennedy family which calls Boston home is no longer the political dynasty it was in the previous century, but JFK remains one of America’s most admired Presidents. His words of wisdom may now be a half century old but they still ring true. Let’s hope that today we will pause, reflect and learn.

One response to “John F. Kennedy

  1. It was a very sad day – in fact, like today it was a Friday. I was eating lunch with my mother and grandmother at the Harvest House restaurant which was in the lower level of Woolworths on Washington Street in Boston. That area is now know as Downtown Crossing and the store is now Marshalls, TJ Max and H&M. We first learned that he had been shot as one of the cooks in the kitchen had a radio playing and a special bulletin came across.

    The news spread throughout the restaurant. The restaurant became very silent. We finished lunch and although there was planned shopping after it was decided that we would go home. As we were walking on Washington Street in front of Filene’s the speaker that usually broadcast music alerted everyone that the President had died. There was an audible gasp, then tears and silence. We walked over to Jordan Marsh where the Christmas Windows were still covered up (back then they did not reveal them until the day after Thanksgiving). In one of the windows the store peeled back the paper blocking and had a television on display that was showing Walter Cronkite. There was no sound and we did not stay long. We walked up to Park Street to catch the Green Line street car to go home to Brookline. No one spoke on the way home, many were crying – all in disbelief.



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