Restaurant review: Da Noi Midtown NYC

Provocative image of a young Sophia Lauren dominates Da Noi's entry

Provocative image of a young Sophia Lauren dominates Da Noi’s entry

Da Noi which in Italian means from us has a very cozy and welcoming feel as you walk in from 49th Street. That feeling is further reinforced by the attentive and thoughtful care given to all who enter by the manager.  As I slid into a chair at the bar, I was introduced to the very friendly bartender, Patricia.  She was only too happy to talk to me about the history of Da Noi which has several other locations around New York City and to point out her favorite options on both the dinner and wine menus.

The affordable menu is divided into antipasti ($11-$15), pastas ($19-$23) and meats ($22-$45) and all main plates come with the option of coming as a half plate.  After watching a few orders come to the bar I wisely selected a half portion, that proved to be quite large and more than adequate as a dinner portion. 

Restaurant ReviewUnfortunately, this is where my glowing review and admiration for Da Noi ends.  To accompany what turned out to be a particularly good Malbec, I ordered Da Noi’s Melanzane Afumigate $11.95, which is grilled eggplant with smoked mozzarella and tomato.  What I didn’t realize until the appetizer was served was that it also comes in a pool of oil and balsamic.  The eggplant acts as a sponge and where a drizzle would probably be delicious the amount of oil and balsamic not only overpowered the flavors of the eggplant and cheese in particular but it also made it heavier and less satisfying overall.

Da Noi NYCDespite the mezza mezza review of the eggplant I looked forward to my Spaghetti Bolognese (I ordered a half portion for $11.95). However, I found the sauce too sweet for my liking. Also the proportion of spaghetti to sauce left me wondering if the line cook had dumped a full portion of Bolognese to accompany my half portion of spaghetti.  I suppose I wouldn’t have minded so much if I had enjoyed the sauce but it wasn’t meant to be.

So I’m quite conflicted with this review and wonder if anyone has perhaps had a different experience at Da Noi. The service was flawless and the space couldn’t be more welcoming, but I found the food average verging on disappointing.

Da Noi Midtown / 214E 49th Street / (212) 754-5710

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2 responses to “Restaurant review: Da Noi Midtown NYC

  1. agree food is great. if you make your reservation thru you will sve 25%


  2. I have been three times and I shall just offer that less is more.

    I found everything to be over flavored to the point the focus of the dish is so overpowering that you forget what you actually ordered.

    I give them creds for the smaller portion offerings



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