MBTA to resume late night service

MBTAHey night owls, starting in March or April 2014, the MBTA will start running all subway trains and the 15 most popular bus routes until 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday only as part of a one year test to see if there is sufficient demand.

The news comes on the heels of the MBTA releasing its average daily ridership numbers for the month of October which was up 4.3% over October 2012 – totaling 1.38 million passenger trips per weekday.

If the one-year pilot program is successful, it will be extended. More information here.

4 responses to “MBTA to resume late night service

  1. Nice move! I have been in Boston some 30 yrs and that has been a constant complaint that I have heard from all kinds of people; “Why does a World Class City” shut down its’ subway system so early while thousands of Tourists, students, and residents would prefer not to drive, ride cabs, or walk…… thank you MBTA!!

    My only observation would be to do it Friday AND Saturday Nights to begin since those are the predominant evenings where late night transportation would be at its highest use!!!


  2. Nice – meanwhile here in Rhode Island RIPTA pretty much parks all of the buses at 10PM. The route that passes nearest me however has a last run at 11:25PM. If you need a ride when the bars get out you’re taking a taxi.


  3. Hopefully this time the ridership will be there — and enough use to expand the service hours seven days a week.


  4. I was practically jumping up and down whe nI found out this morning



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