Personal fitness

absI know I’m not heavy, but I have a lot of very handsome friends who are in great shape. While I don’t begrudge these friends, it does feed into my own personal insecurities and body issues.

I have a very supportive partner and a great personal trainer so I feel like I have both the emotional support I need at home and the professional support I need in the gym.  However, I need to get back into a routine before all the people who make their “New Year’s Resolutions” invade and overrun my gym.  I’m hoping if I can get back into a routine starting this week – I’ll be in a better position come January to deal with the gym scene.

3 responses to “Personal fitness

  1. I hear ya! I got to the gym Sunday and Monday. I know it’s good for me. I feel great having DONE the gym, it is the getting to it part that somehow doesn’t happen


  2. Tough to do this time of year, but you are right… Doing it now means you are three weeks ahead of the game come January. I started on the same routine just before Thanksgiving, and I’m down 15 pounds! So nice when you have to cinch the belt in a bit tighter than what you’ve done in the past… Those are real milestones for me!



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