Instacart rolls into Boston

InstacartHave you heard of Instacart?  I hadn’t until today’s article in the Boston Globe, Instacart introduces neighbor-to-neighbor grocery delivery to Boston.  Similar to new transportation companies like Lyft, Instacart works with personal shoppers to help fill orders since the service is not owned by any grocer the way is owned by Stop & Shop.

According to the article, Instacart currently only offers groceries from Shaw’s. However, it plans to eventually expand in Boston to offer items from Whole Foods and Costco and other stores. Instacart claims the food prices on its site can be the same or higher than the prices you’d pay in the store, but let’s face it this is all about convenience and with temperatures in Boston hovering in the low 30s, it is a premium I’m willing to contemplate. Although I’ve yet to use the service, I did sign up and the site indicates that delivery charges are waived if your order is more than $35.

One response to “Instacart rolls into Boston

  1. The waive of the fee is provisional – much like the model of Peapod. That is not a bad thing- especially when you live in a fourth floor all-up. I always tip in cash in addition to adding two or three bucks to the invoice so the gent or lady can keep the cash.

    I usually do a couple of weeks worth of “staples” as I prefer to hit Haymarket on the weekends (even in the cold of winter).

    This service got my attention with Whole Foods. I am not a Costco member so it is un certain if I would qualify or really need things in that much bulk. I still have q-tips from 2008 ;). Three thousand takes a lot of ear wax to go through.



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