winter snow stormUGH… winter is here.  Who can say how accurate this forecast will be after all is said and done. I really don’t care.  What I care about is getting myself to Brix (local wine shop) and stocking up on a few more bottles of red wine.

9 responses to “FML

  1. 8 inches of cuddling await you!


  2. We got sixteen inches here in Chicago suburbs, true to projections. Now we’re headed into the deep freeze, but not before more snow this weekend. Monday’s HIGH temp? MINS FREAKIN’ 14! Isn’t Pride this weekend in Palm Springs?


  3. Hang in there, and drink up!


  4. Snowmageddon – we too hit the packie this afternoon – made chicken soup with matzo balls last night and this afternoon we had pepper and egg grinders. Let snow, let it snow, let it snow (says one who lives thankfully in a building where they shovel us out and have an indoor garage parking space.


  5. Providence is solidly in the 12-18″ range but I don’t believe it. If we end up with 6 inches of this shit from the next storm I’d be surprised. Granted, got a lot of weather genie friends on Facebook who scream and holler “The White Death From the Sky” is coming.


  6. I am guessing you don’t want to know that it was 84 in the Keys today…but I still made the same “wine stop” just in case!


  7. Cheers boys, stay warm!!!!! xxxooo Dave and Marc



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