Javier Fernandez Spanish figure skater

Spanish Figure SkaterLast week while all of New England was watching the Patriots lose to the Denver Broncos, I was actually watching The ISU European Figure Skating Championships in Budapest.  Mock me if you will, but I think I developed a bit of a crush on this 22 year old underdog, figure skater from Madrid who will represent Spain at the Sochi Olympics.

5 responses to “Javier Fernandez Spanish figure skater

  1. HA! Watching mens figure skating versus a football game… that’s not stereotypical at all!! 🙂 Javier is handsome.


  2. He makes Patrick Chan nervous and is a much better skater than Jeremy Abbott. As to Sochi it will be the Japanese and Chan (the judges are Chanized and will give him high marks no matter how many times he falls) He needs to concentrate and will place in top 8. Worlds are coming up in March after Sochi and he has a good chance there.


  3. terrific, now I gotta go find a video of his performances. (and yes… an out of towner was watching and hoping for Pats victory, though that turned out futile)


  4. I DVR’d it – no harm done



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