Nevada A.G. claims marriage equality is like bigamy and incest

Nevada Attorney GeneralNevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D) has backed off of the brief she submitted for the Sevick v. Sandoval case that is challenging Nevada’s ban on same sex marriage.  In her brief response, filed last Tuesday, the A.G. suggested that allowing gay couples to being married is tantamount to bigamy and incest.

While I firmly believe all arguments are highly suspect and hypocritical, it seems even more obscene considering Nevada’s reputation for ridiculing the institution of marriage. Perhaps the Nevada A.G. might like to consider Ms. Spear’s mockery of a marriage to Jason Alexander that lasted 50+ hours or the circus-like atmosphere perpetuated by the countless number of “wedding chapels” in Nevada before she postulates about the sanctity of marriage and the values of  Nevada residents.

You can read more about here inane comments on Towleroad here

2 responses to “Nevada A.G. claims marriage equality is like bigamy and incest

  1. she’s already “reconsidering” the brief. She put out a statement at the end of the week referencing the 10th circuit’s decision that you can’t discriminate against LGBT people on juries, and how the decision changes the equal protection analysis.


  2. Well, you can not fix stupid. But you can educate the moronic.

    Lady Catherine it is time for your exit stage gay.



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