Michael Sam steps out of the closet

gay football playerMichael Sam, the ferocious 260-pound Missouri defensive end, SEC Defensive Player of the Year and a potential high-round pick in May’s NFL draft stepped out of the closet when he told the New York Times today that he is gay.

Perhaps the New York Times wrote it best when John Branch wrote about this college senior, “As the pace of the gay rights movement has accelerated drastically in recent years, the sports industry has changed relatively little, with no publicly gay male athletes in the N.F.L., the N.B.A., the N.H.L. or Major League Baseball. Against this backdrop, Mr. Sam could become a symbol for the country’s gay rights movement or a flash point in a football culture war — or both.”

You can read the New York Times interview here.  ESPN as one might guess also has a great feature on the story here. Thanks for the tip lil brother, you even beat the HuffingtonPost alarm that came thru earlier tonight.

3 responses to “Michael Sam steps out of the closet

  1. Michael Strahan – wow, you are a hater, why would you say that that Michael Sam should have waited until after the draft on today’s Live with Kelly and Michael?

    Just remember the same stigma was afforded to African Americans – both so wrong.

    You need to apologize. Now


  2. Good for Michael! He is a true inspiration.


  3. Proud of him for his courage. But I fear this will drop him a few rounds in the draft. Hopefully he wont.



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