Mayor Walsh says keep the bars open later

Boston MapHold the press. Did you see the article in the Boston Herald today? Of course you didn’t – which is why I’m here to point it out to you.  They are reporting that Mayor Marty Walsh, is advocating for a “late night task force” to help reshape the city’s nightlife — with a mandate to look at 3:30 a.m. closings.

The article mentions that the group will look to create a pilot program in the Seaport District to test extending the closing time of bars and restaurants, possibly easing into it by allowing establishments to serve alcohol until 2:30 a.m. but stay open until 3:30 a.m.  The staggered closings could help avoid the crush of people who file out into the streets at 2 a.m.  This comes just months after the MBTA announced they will launch a pilot extending weekend service back to 3 a.m.

It goes without saying that I’m in favor of this and hope it can also help struggling restaurants and bars who may now be able to collect more revenues by staying open longer.  Now if we can do something about those pesky liquor licenses I think we might actually be able to foster a nightlife that would allow more gay bars to open.

You can read the article here.

2 responses to “Mayor Walsh says keep the bars open later

  1. Providence beat Boston to it. We have 4AM licenses now. And they stagger club closings – because prior when it was 2AM it was a blasted mess since the density of the clubs and bars is pretty high in the city.


  2. To be really competitive the City must allow clubs and venues the ability to stay open until 4AM – that is what will attract more people to Boston and make the nightlife actually vibrant.

    I somewhat agree with the liquor license numbers needing to be increased. I am not sure that would correlate with the opening of any new gay bars unless the closing and service hours are extended.



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