White homos are taking black women’s men

james david manningNormally I don’t post content like this but with the tide of public opinion and finally a supportive government (thank you President Obama), these rants no longer terrify me; James David Manning and his rants are now anachronistic.  Between his rant against President Obama who is apparently destroying the black American family and his praise for African leaders who would like to kill homosexuals, Mr. Manning, Chief Pastor for ATLAH Worldwide Ministry Church in Harlem says this:

Now the white homo is now moving into black neighborhoods, looking for black men that have been converted into homosexuality.  But black women, let me say something to you. You will have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male.   He usually has money. A white homo usually has an American Express card.  He usually has an opportunity at the theater – homos love the theater, they love to go out to dinner parties. They love that kind of a thing and as a black woman you can’t compete. 

Thanks for sharing this with me Lady High Heels.

2 responses to “White homos are taking black women’s men

  1. The next thing you’ll hear is that we’re taking Asian women’s men!


  2. Black women can compete with white homos, too funny. As if he is speaking from personal experience.



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